4x12 How that scene should have been! 


A little preview of my next gifset :D 

tv meme: [3/5] male characters derek hale

Martin and Bens Emmys

To all of you complaining the boys are not there to collect their Emmys…stop giving them shit…THEY ARE BOTH WORKING HERE IN THE UK!!!! WHERE THEY LIVE!!!! ben is filming and Martin is doing Richard 3rd … cant you just all be happy for them….jeeezzzzz … WELL DONE BOYS…PROUD TO BE A BRIT RIGHT NOW :)

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Ron Pope - A Drop In The Ocean
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Sterek Song of the Day

August 15

A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

// little vid i made today…… (with lots of tears and frustration) AU || An assassin has poisoned Derek and now others in Beacon Hills High are also getting sick, including Stiles and The Coach. After speaking with Deaton, Derek finds out the only way to save everyone is for his life to be ended as he is the host. Stiles begs him not to do it, but he goes to the Hale vault with Argent and asks him to do it. Meanwhile the assassin is killed whilst trying to kill Stiles and Stiles rushes to the vault to try and stop Derek, but he is too late and he hears the fatal gunshot. Argent vanishes with Derek’s body and a few days later…he is found…and Stiles is heartbroken.

Please feel free to reblog, share etc….just something i made today :)